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Optical Illusions - Cool Pictures that Trick the Brain

Cool Pictures of Optical IllusionsOptical Illusions

Check out these awesome optical illusions and enjoy a range of cool pictures that trick the brain.

Your eyes will deceive you when you look at what appears to be bent lines, different colors, impossible triangles, moving wheels, missing shapes, pinched squares and different shades of gray. Can you figure out what is happening? Take a look at the pictures and give them a try, you are sure to be surprised by what you see, or at least what you think you see.

Saxophone Player or Woman?
Black Line Star
Borromean Rings Illusion
Cubic Grid 3D Matrix
Curved Lines Illusion
Delboeuf Relative Size Perception Illusion
Depth Perception Illusion
Duck or Rabbit?
Tetris Blocks Illusion
Ehrenstein Illusion
Faces or a Vase?
Shades of Gray Illusion
How Many Stars?
Impossible Cube Illusion
You Are Getting Sleepy
Impossible Rings Illusion
Impossible Triangle Illusion
Impossible Waterfall Illusion
Inside the Lines
Kaleidoscope of Colors
Marina Apollonio Optical Illusion
What are the Missing Shapes?
Wheels in Motion Illusion
Parallel Lines Optical Illusion
Motion Sickness Optical Illusion
Pinched Squares Illusion
Ebbinghaus Illusion with Titchener Circles
Triangles & Squares

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