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Fun Geometry Facts for Kids - Interesting Shapes, Trivia & Information

Square Facts for Kids - Interesting Information about SquaresSquare Facts for Kids

Check out our square facts for kids and learn some interesting information about this regular quadrilateral. Find out how to find the area and perimeter of a square, how many lines of symmetry square has, what the internal angles of a square add to and much more.

Read on and enjoy our square facts and trivia before taking a look at all our other interesting information devoted to the wonderful world of geometry.

  • A square is a polygon with 4 sides of equal length and 4 right angle corners (90 degree corners).

  • Because it has 4 sides of equal length, a square is a regular quadrilateral.

  • A square is also a rectangle with equal sides and a rhombus with right angles.

  • The area of a square is equal to the length of one side to the power of two (length squared).

  • The perimeter of a square is 4 times the length of one side.

  • A square has a larger area than all other quadrilaterals with the same perimeter.

  • The diagonals of a square bisect each other at 90 degrees and are perpendicular.

  • Opposite sides of a square are parallel.

  • The internal angles of a square add to 360 degrees.

  • A square has 4 lines of reflectional symmetry.

  • Square shapes are often used by humans for design and engineering purposes such as town planning.

  • A cube features six square faces and in many ways is like a square, only in three dimensions rather than two.

  • Now that you're an expert on squares, try learning about triangles and other 2D polygon shapes.



The diagonals of a square bisecting at 90 degrees





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